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Love Never Dies Soundtrack clips on Amazon--> Hurry before RUG takes them down! [22 Feb 2010|11:54am]

Hello fellow phantom fans!

I found this page through "Love Should Die" the spoof twitter page about Love Never Dies. German amazon.com has short soundtrack clips.


I just... I don't know what to say. Why did they have to make a sequel??

= /
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Love Never Dies (South Bank Show) [02 Feb 2010|07:19pm]

[ mood | thoughtful ]

Did anybody else see this the other evening? The first public performance of the Love Never Dies title track...

I'm still torn. It seems a little... clunky to me. Especially the lyrics, they're a little generic. I'm trying to warm to it though... And having said that, I was humming this all day after I first saw it. I'm trying not to pass judgment before I see the show in July. What do you lovelies think?

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[02 Jan 2010|10:06pm]


The Broadway Friending Meme
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ABENDLIED available for pre-sale! Enjoy Philippe de Chagny.... [28 Dec 2009|09:55am]

ABENDLIED, book two in The Madrigals is available for pre-sale! My publicist is going to be hard at work this week. Madrigal's rights for e-book have been released as well. While readers can enjoy Abendlied without reading Madrigal first, it can enhance the experience!

A blog on Philippe de Chagny is up on Tip of the Quill http://jenniferlinforth.blogspot.com ... read about his role in this book! Excerpts and reviews are available on my website http://www.jenniferlinforth.com


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100 years of The Phantom of the Opera! [21 Oct 2009|09:57pm]

Fans of all incarnations of PHANTOM OF THE OPERA might be interested to know that we are now entering the story's 100th anniversary year! The original novel by Gaston Leroux was first serialised in a French newspaper between September 1909 and January 1910, prior to publication in book format by Pierre Lafitte in February 1910.

To celebrate this milestone achievement, a brand new Phantom Twitter stream was launched during Vegas Fans Week to spread the word of the centenary and the latest news and developments concerning the Opera Ghost. Eventually it is hoped the stream will be used to release exciting new ongoing research currently being undertaken into the novel and all its subsequent adaptations in areas never previously explored. It'll also be a sort of starting point perhaps to test the viability of bringing fans across the world together in 2010.

The more fans who join the stream, the better, so we can spread word of the centenary to the wider world and draw attention to all things Phantom! The Leroux estate is also aware of the feed, so it would be good to show Leroux's descendants just how beloved this story remains across the globe!

Please follow by following @fantomedelopera on Twitter (
http://twitter.com/fantomedelopera ), or, alternatively, going to http://phantomslair.com for further details. 
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Sadie Montgomery on All Things Phantom 10-17 [14 Oct 2009|06:02am]

[ mood | bouncy ]

If you haven't checked out All Things Phantom on BlogTalkRadio recently, we were ranked #2 out of 500 shows on yesterday's boards.  Last week we had 171 live listeners and 68 in the chat room, so don't miss the fun!  The show will broadcast at 5 p.m. PST.

This Saturday we are pleased to welcome Sadie Montgomery, the author of The Phoenix of the Opera. It started with one book, and she swore #4 was the end of the series. Apparently, Erik gives her no one rest. When the muse speaks, the author pens, and Sadie has just released book #5, the Phantom Madness.

Sadie lives with her family in Minnesota, where she teaches literature. When she's not correcting her college students' essays, she writes stories and novels.

Please welcome her to the show this coming Saturday with open arms, as she tells us about her love of Phantom, and why she likes the thought of Meg and Erik living happily ever after!

Afterward, we'll open the lines for listeners to call in and chat about the loves of Erik, as penned by other authors. What combination is your favorite? Erik/Meg, Erik/Christine, Erik/Anybody else? 

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Phantom of the Opera .com [12 Oct 2009|06:06pm]

I wanted to let people know we were getting the good discussions kick started again on the boards at phantomoftheopera.com, as well as running a couple of contests.

We're compiling some links to the best threads on the show, and on Phantom in general, and your views on the sequel are strongly welcomed.

There are a couple of polls on the sequel too: for or against and will you go see it?

We also have an icon contest, and a content contest with a prize.

I particularly hope people will join in the sequel discussion, as if any journalists do happen to look in to the fan reaction, we're one of the places they're most likely to find after the official RUG site. So I want it to air the views of as many different Phantom fans as possible!

New registrations were switched off for a while earlier in the year due to spam problems and the admin not having time to deal with it all, but they're on again now, just in case anyone has tried to register there in the past and not been able to!
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So.....Love Never Dies?? [12 Oct 2009|01:11am]


Generally I'm against it. But I heard the song that was posted to promote it, and...well..its quite nice. But it would be so much better is ALW had just written an all new musical instead of tampering with a classic.

I mean, part of what makes the original work so well was the fact that it was a story of redemption. Also, I think we can all relate to the fact that he gets rejected. Everyone gets rejected at SOME point.

However, "Till I hear you sing" really hit me.
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New Phantom Website and Contest [09 Oct 2009|08:31pm]


In honor of the launch of the new website devoted to The Madrigals, I'm hosting a contest to run from now until November 15th, 2009. Simply find the excerpts to MADRIGAL and ABENDLIED, (forthcoming 2009) on www.jenniferlinforth.com  and answer these questions:


Madrigal: Who is referred to as a little minx?

Abendlied:  What town is Erik in?


Email your answer through the author contact form on the website. (Please include "Web Site Contest" in your subject line.) One winner will be chosen in a random drawing from all correct answers and will win a signed copy of MADRIGAL **Shipping to US residents only. An international winner would receive a $25 Amazon gift certificate in lieu of the above prize. Not redeemable for cash**


Contest runs from October 9, 2009 through midnight (EST) November 15, 2009 Entries received before or after these dates will not be eligible.

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happy anniversary! [27 Sep 2009|01:18pm]

I know I'm late, but I wanted to share this flash I made of a part in Susan Kays Phantom book <3  pride1289.deviantart.com/art/Eriks-Birthday-138447897               I'm not great at flash, but I'm working on it in the 20 days left of my trial
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Huge LND competition [24 Sep 2009|04:35pm]

As much as I'm not looking forward to LND, I am all over this competition. Srsly.Collapse )
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Phantom message board? [18 Sep 2009|12:55am]

So I used to chat phantom on message board years ago, but now I can't seem to find any phantom message boards online.  I think they've disappeared or something.

Any good Phantom phorum / message boards online?

Thank you.

I am so bored in college and in need to get in touch with online boards :)
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October 8th [11 Sep 2009|07:06pm]

[ mood | okay ]


Today I received an email from 'The Phantom'/ the Love Never Dies news subscription system. Apparently, something is going to be revealed at 11 on October 8th. I expect that people who are keeping more up to date with the sequel than myself will be aware of what this something is. Anybody?

The teaser is up too... I don't know if I should be excited or start despairing. XD

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A question of fan fiction [13 Aug 2009|01:52pm]


Curious question on my blog. What drives those who write to expand Leroux or Webber or.. anything for that matter? My reasons have to do with the law...   http://jenniferlinforth.blogspot.com
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Moment of Truth: Comic Con [28 Jul 2009|11:38pm]

[ mood | amused ]


First picture in the gallery. Okay fess up, which one of you is this? Even if it's not someone in the fandom, (online at any rate) it is pretty damn awesome anyway.

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Love Never Dies [28 Jul 2009|07:01pm]

[ mood | thoughtful ]

Hello all. :) New member here.

I'm curious... what are your views to ALW's Phantom sequel, Love Never Dies? This may sound silly, but I feel quite sick whenever I think about the sequel. Does anybody else feel the same? Is anybody looking forward to it?

I feel compelled to see it, mostly out of morbid curiosity. Infact I know I'll end up seeing it, even if its atrocious. That's the twisted thing, I can't not keep up to date with news of the sequel, even though hearing about it makes me so nervous. I've recently re-read 'The Phantom Of Manhattan' and I still cant bring myself to feel anything but dislike towards it. Its slightly reassuring knowing that Ramin Karimloo will be in the role of Phantom, as he is an excellent performer... but as for everything else... Bleh. I'm so concerned. Please say that somebody else out there gets as upset about this as I do. XD I'll feel silly otherwise.

But aside from my moaning... this looks like a great community. I'm looking forward to seeing more from everybody! :)

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Putting Phantom aside to speak out.... [24 Jul 2009|02:55pm]


I'm not blogging on Phantom stuff today but a very personal issue... a disorder. Many have e-mailed asking to know more about the author and a post on a social networking site has launched me to speaking out.  I will return to Phantom blogging, fear not.

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All Things Phantom - BlogTalkRadio [17 Jul 2009|07:45am]


If you haven't heard, there's a new way for fans to connect in the Phantom world at BlogTalkRadio.com. We've started a new Internet Talk Radio Show, which debuted last week.  I would like to thank everyone for catching our first show live on July 11th. We had a few technical difficulties with sound qualities with my co-host being out of town, but all will be clear this coming week July 18 @ 5 p.m. PST.

I cannot believe how many people showed up! We had 19 streaming the show live, and nearly half were in our chat room. 112 have downloaded the archived show within one week. We even had listeners from England and Spain and two brave callers joined us live.

Saturday, July 18 our show will broadcast live at 5:00 p.m. PST.  We have a new introduction by the Phantom himself that will knock your socks off and give you chills.  The man who did the vocals will be our guest.

The second half of the show we will open the lines and talk about Christine Daae, so be ready for a lively discussion! If you're too chicken to call in live, then join us in the chatroom and post your comments there. You can stream the show live from our BlogTalkRadio Show Page or listen to the archived show if you can't catch us live.  Keep up to date on future shows by visiting our show page or our new nifty blog All Things Phantom Show

Come join the fun with a bunch of Phantom fans as we talk about all things Phantom!

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Color my world.. new blog up on Phantom... [10 Jul 2009|09:27am]


I am surronded by pink stuff right now which sparked my imagination. What is with all those colors in Phantom of the Opera?  Did a blog on it...  jenniferlinforth.blogspot.com
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At long last, the paperback edition of my novel is available! [06 Jul 2009|02:43pm]


Price is 7.99 GBP. Amazon link is coming shortly. :-)
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