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LND soundtrack thoughts


I got my copy of the Love Never Dies soundtrack yesterday. I've listened through it, and actually... I don't hate it as I thought I would. I've been very pessimistic about the sequel but I've tried to keep an open mind about it. Although I can understand why some are very upset about the decision to make a follow up, I still think people are generating too much hate for it. At least give it a chance. To begin with I was very distressed and convinced that I would absolutely detest the new production, but now that I've heard the soundtrack, I'm excited about seeing it in July. Of course it's nothing in comparison to the original. There aren't as many original songs, some of the lyrics are weak and it's often cliched. Some of the accents and the more showtuney songs get on my nerves, But otherwise... I don't mind it.

I do think there's too much stigma attached to feeling anything other than hate for LND. It's been made and people are going to see it, so feeling so much anger towards it is a bit of a waste of your emotions.

Has anybody else heard the soundtrack? What do you think? I wonder how long it will run?
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