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Review:  Phantom of the Opera, U.S. Tour, Columbus (March 11, 2014, evening).

Originally posted by phantomdaae1981 at Review:  Phantom of the Opera, U.S. Tour, Columbus (March 11, 2014, evening).
Review:  Phantom of the Opera, U.S. Tour, Columbus (March 11, 2014, evening).
Phantom: Cooper Grodin.
Christine: Celia Hottenstein.
Raoul: Ben Jacoby.
Andre: Edward Staudenmayer.
Firmin: Craig Bennett.
Carlotta: Amy Justman (understudy).
Madame Giry: Christy Morton (understudy).
Meg: Hannah Florence.
Piangi: Edward Juvier (understudy).


This was the 11th time I've seen the show. Each time I've seen it, before now, it was during the previous U.S. Tour (specifically, The Music Box Company). I first saw the show in 1995, when I was 14, and had last seen the show in 2010, shortly before the previous U.S. Tour ended. So, when I draw comparisons in this review, I will be comparing the new U.S. Tour staging to the previous U.S. Tour staging.

Introductory Notes:

On March 11, 2014, 7:30 p.m., at The Ohio Theatre in Columbus, I saw the new U.S Tour of The Phantom of the Opera, complete with the new staging, direction, etc. I sat alone, but I didn't mind, because I was in the 4th row, downstairs, not too far from the center. In fact, I actually prefer sitting alone, because buying a single seat for a show always means a better seat, due to the fact that there are always random single seats scattered throughout the theater, because most people buy their tickets in pairs or more.

My mom bought my ticket for me, as a birthday present. March 11 was my 33rd birthday, and I can't think of a better way to have spent the evening of such an occasion! My sister and my nephews also attended, although they unfortunately had to sit in the upper balcony. My mom bought their tickets, too. But after having bought my birthday ticket, she could only afford to buy “nosebleed” seats for them, since that meant 3 more tickets. My nephews are ages 9 and 7, and my sister informed me that they were very well-behaved and attentive for their first professional theatre experience. They loved it! I am so happy to have such cultured and intelligent nephews!

Now, for my scene-by-scene thoughts:

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Phantom - Christine

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So who went to see Phantom 25? I thought overall it was pretty good, but I have some gripes:

1. The chandelier didn't fall. It didn't do anything but flicker a bit. Lame.
2. The screens instead of actual sets. Seemed cheap to me. Especially during close-ups.
3. Was it me or was Ramin really sharp on lots of his notes? I get vibrato, but it was waaaayyyy too much. But I still love him.
4. WATCHING Sarah Brightman singing. I can listen to her, but I can't watch her. And that dress. Don't get me started.
5. Michael Crawford NOT singing. I know he's still got it, why didn't he flaunt it?

But things I did like:

1. Ramin. Mmmm. Yum.
2. Hadley. Mmmm. Yum. I'd really hate to be Christine because that would be HARD. I'd just have 'em both.
3. I like Sierra. I'm totally jealous of her because she's way gorgeous and way talented. Yeah, she's a little breathy, but it works, IMO.
4. They acted our Joseph's death instead of just having a random dummy appear.
5. Michael & Sarah together. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think they've done anything together since the show, right?

But anyway, I loved it. It's been far too long since I've gotten my phangirl on, and I got to again. *squee*

The Phantom of Valletta

The Phantom of Valletta, my own spin off, is the talk of the little isle of Malta.  It was featured in The Sunday Times in Malta and just recently reviewed in the Insiter, a publication for the University of Malta.  The Royal Opera House setting seemed to be a prime place to take the Phantom, however, I never realized it would cause such a stir among the locals.

For more information visit my website at:  The Phantom of Valletta.  Links to the reviews can be read here:  Malta News Reviews
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Recommend a Translation?

I need to hear what English translation of Gaston Leroux's original novel Phans recommend. I know that the only translation out prior to 1990 was horribly abridged and is now widespread due to being in the public domain. Among the more complete translations by Bair, Wolf, and the Lofficiers, which do most die-hard fans consider the best?

Please and thank you!
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