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Review:  Phantom of the Opera, U.S. Tour, Columbus (March 11, 2014, evening). [04 Apr 2014|02:11am]

[ mood | creative ]

Originally posted by phantomdaae1981 at Review:  Phantom of the Opera, U.S. Tour, Columbus (March 11, 2014, evening).

Review:  Phantom of the Opera, U.S. Tour, Columbus (March 11, 2014, evening).
Phantom: Cooper Grodin.
Christine: Celia Hottenstein.
Raoul: Ben Jacoby.
Andre: Edward Staudenmayer.
Firmin: Craig Bennett.
Carlotta: Amy Justman (understudy).
Madame Giry: Christy Morton (understudy).
Meg: Hannah Florence.
Piangi: Edward Juvier (understudy).


This was the 11th time I've seen the show. Each time I've seen it, before now, it was during the previous U.S. Tour (specifically, The Music Box Company). I first saw the show in 1995, when I was 14, and had last seen the show in 2010, shortly before the previous U.S. Tour ended. So, when I draw comparisons in this review, I will be comparing the new U.S. Tour staging to the previous U.S. Tour staging.

Introductory Notes:

On March 11, 2014, 7:30 p.m., at The Ohio Theatre in Columbus, I saw the new U.S Tour of The Phantom of the Opera, complete with the new staging, direction, etc. I sat alone, but I didn't mind, because I was in the 4th row, downstairs, not too far from the center. In fact, I actually prefer sitting alone, because buying a single seat for a show always means a better seat, due to the fact that there are always random single seats scattered throughout the theater, because most people buy their tickets in pairs or more.

My mom bought my ticket for me, as a birthday present. March 11 was my 33rd birthday, and I can't think of a better way to have spent the evening of such an occasion! My sister and my nephews also attended, although they unfortunately had to sit in the upper balcony. My mom bought their tickets, too. But after having bought my birthday ticket, she could only afford to buy “nosebleed” seats for them, since that meant 3 more tickets. My nephews are ages 9 and 7, and my sister informed me that they were very well-behaved and attentive for their first professional theatre experience. They loved it! I am so happy to have such cultured and intelligent nephews!

Now, for my scene-by-scene thoughts:

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Photos from the new U.S. Tour of PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, in Columbus, Ohio. [13 Mar 2014|09:29pm]

[ mood | determined ]

I saw the new U.S. Tour (new staging, and all) of THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA on March 11, which was my 33rd birthday. Here are some pics, in anticipation of the review I am in the process of writing tonight!

The banner on The Ohio Theatre.

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[02 Apr 2012|10:15pm]

-Smallville [33]
-Phantom of the Opera 25th Anniversary Concert [27]
-Ever After [06]
-Jane Eyre 2011 [12]
-Emma 2009 [14]
-Becoming Jane [02]
-Sense & Sensibility 1995 [03]
-Brave [09]
-Billie Piper [02]
-Emmy Rosum [02]
-Karen Gillan [02]
-Kristin Kreuk [13]
-Man Of Steel 2013 [06]
-Once Upon A Time [14]
-Lauren Graham [02]
-Erica Durance [08]

-Once Upon A Time [02]
-John Carter [01]


VIEW ALL HERE @ charming_design
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[02 Oct 2011|05:35pm]

So who went to see Phantom 25? I thought overall it was pretty good, but I have some gripes:

1. The chandelier didn't fall. It didn't do anything but flicker a bit. Lame.
2. The screens instead of actual sets. Seemed cheap to me. Especially during close-ups.
3. Was it me or was Ramin really sharp on lots of his notes? I get vibrato, but it was waaaayyyy too much. But I still love him.
4. WATCHING Sarah Brightman singing. I can listen to her, but I can't watch her. And that dress. Don't get me started.
5. Michael Crawford NOT singing. I know he's still got it, why didn't he flaunt it?

But things I did like:

1. Ramin. Mmmm. Yum.
2. Hadley. Mmmm. Yum. I'd really hate to be Christine because that would be HARD. I'd just have 'em both.
3. I like Sierra. I'm totally jealous of her because she's way gorgeous and way talented. Yeah, she's a little breathy, but it works, IMO.
4. They acted our Joseph's death instead of just having a random dummy appear.
5. Michael & Sarah together. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think they've done anything together since the show, right?

But anyway, I loved it. It's been far too long since I've gotten my phangirl on, and I got to again. *squee*
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The Phantom of Valletta [24 Nov 2010|10:15pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

The Phantom of Valletta, my own spin off, is the talk of the little isle of Malta.  It was featured in The Sunday Times in Malta and just recently reviewed in the Insiter, a publication for the University of Malta.  The Royal Opera House setting seemed to be a prime place to take the Phantom, however, I never realized it would cause such a stir among the locals.

For more information visit my website at:  The Phantom of Valletta.  Links to the reviews can be read here:  Malta News Reviews

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Friending Meme [26 Sep 2010|02:00pm]

There was nothing against this in the rules, so...

The Easiest Multi-Fandom Friending Meme You Will Ever Fill Out
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"In The Eye of The Beholder" Update [15 Sep 2010|08:56am]

In addition to being "live" on Amazon's Kindle store (hooray!), In The Eye of The Beholder is one of the nominees for the New Covey Cover Awards. This award would honor James Courtney's artwork/jacket design.

Please go to http://thenewcoveycoverawards.blogspot.com/ and vote for Entry #21 in the poll. Voting closes at midnight on Sept. 28.

Thank you!
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Erik/Christine Fanmix [11 Sep 2010|09:36pm]

[ mood | hyper ]

Mainly movie/play-based, but I guess it would work for Leroux/Kay, too. Haha, but who cares? It's still Erik/Christine when it all boils down ;D

HERE @ 10millionpeople

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Recommend a Translation? [09 Sep 2010|05:53pm]

[ mood | curious ]

I need to hear what English translation of Gaston Leroux's original novel Phans recommend. I know that the only translation out prior to 1990 was horribly abridged and is now widespread due to being in the public domain. Among the more complete translations by Bair, Wolf, and the Lofficiers, which do most die-hard fans consider the best?

Please and thank you!

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Review: Phantom of the Opera, U.S. Tour, Cleveland (August 22, 2010, evening). [23 Aug 2010|07:26pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

Phantom: David Gaschen (understudy).
Christine: Kelly Jeanne Grant (alternate).
Raoul: Sean MacLaughlin.
Andre: D. C. Anderson.
Firmin: Michael McCoy.
Carlotta: Kim Stengel.
Madame Giry: Nancy Hess.
Meg: Paloma Garcia-Lee.
Piangi: Luke Grooms.

Cut to my LJ to read the review...

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[03 Jul 2010|10:44pm]


I know a lot of people have asked where I've gotten my Love Never Dies images. Through tons of searching. But I decided to upload all the images I have of Love Never Dies to a gallery and share!
You can view them
I also added the link to our resource list. Anytime I find more, I'll upload to that gallery.
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Drabble Contest extended [31 May 2010|09:45am]


Greetings all! I will be  traveling forcing me to extend the contest deadline for the Gaston Leroux Drabble Contest . The new deadline is midnight June 27th.   First place prize is a Phantom of the Opera gift basket. For details and rules: http://www.jenniferlinforth.com/contest.htm


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Phantom- National tour [19 Apr 2010|05:41pm]

[ mood | nervous ]

I just found this community and was very excited to be able to share my most recent Phantom experience. Below is the link to my Review and pictures from the national tour in Baltimore.

My Journal entry

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[13 Apr 2010|04:15pm]

Now Open: Phantom of the Opera Daily.
A community of daily posted pictures, picspams. If you're a fan of POTO and would love to have some pretties show up on your friends page daily, please watch!!
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[13 Apr 2010|12:58pm]

"Andrew Lloyd Webber and company want to delay the Love Never Dies Broadway premiere to do a little reworking including a new opening and a grander entrance for the Phantom.
Also the ending is apparently a disaster, so now they want to postpone the show until the spring!
As for the opening last month the reviews were mixed and it was so stressful that Lloyd Webber threatened to shut down the entire production since he's more eager to get on with his next show, Catch Me If You Can.
An insider said, "They did it for the money, and, boy, are they going to have to earn it now.""


So what do you think? Is there any hope left for this plot?
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The entire plot of Love Never Dies [07 Apr 2010|06:53pm]

I haven't listened to the soundtrack, and I'm not living in any continent that this show would be playing in the next year (not to mention I'm terrified of seeing this, especially now), but out of curiosity I wikipedia'd the musical and voila!

For those of you who haven't read it, here is the entire, detailed plot of Love Never Dies.

All I did was sit here and say, "What?!" just about every other sentence.

This has to be the worst thing ever. And I mean ever.

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Perfume of Pain - A Phantom of the Opera fanmix [07 Apr 2010|01:28pm]


{Tracklisting & Download}
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LND soundtrack thoughts [13 Mar 2010|11:54am]

[ mood | surprised ]


I got my copy of the Love Never Dies soundtrack yesterday. I've listened through it, and actually... I don't hate it as I thought I would. I've been very pessimistic about the sequel but I've tried to keep an open mind about it. Although I can understand why some are very upset about the decision to make a follow up, I still think people are generating too much hate for it. At least give it a chance. To begin with I was very distressed and convinced that I would absolutely detest the new production, but now that I've heard the soundtrack, I'm excited about seeing it in July. Of course it's nothing in comparison to the original. There aren't as many original songs, some of the lyrics are weak and it's often cliched. Some of the accents and the more showtuney songs get on my nerves, But otherwise... I don't mind it.

I do think there's too much stigma attached to feeling anything other than hate for LND. It's been made and people are going to see it, so feeling so much anger towards it is a bit of a waste of your emotions.

Has anybody else heard the soundtrack? What do you think? I wonder how long it will run?

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[18 Mar 2010|01:29pm]


Just a little discussion prompt that I've always been curious about:

Why do you think Madame Giry is the only character with a French accent when pretty much all of the characters are from France?

This place hasn't been active in a while, just thought I'd put something up.
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Love Never Dies review [23 Feb 2010|07:48pm]

[ mood | okay ]

At Stagetalk.co.uk


Hurrrm. Just hurrrm.

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