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Love Never Dies review

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THAT... was weird. The first half reads like she was paid by Webber to exalt this tripe to the stars, laud it, and tell everyone how WONderful it is...

Then beyond the spoiler alert, the truth comes out with the specifics of the plot. I wonder what the reviewer REALLY thought?

'Oooh, that's bias... bias.... um... WHUT.'
Oh yes, aren't those comments SUBLIME? (Snerk!?)
that's what i thought, too! she must be paid.
At least we can take comfort that the Original still holds a place in the hearts of people everywhere?

I'm not even the hugest fan of the stage version and that song never stops giving me shivers and getting me excited.
Aw thanks for posting this! I missed watching it live. Her Aminta-ish costume is beautiful.
"This may be a continuation of the most famous love story but it is a separate story all it’s own."

I have difficulty taking reviewers seriously when basic grammar escapes them.
This might be fine for anyone willing to buy into the plotline. But that's where I get absolutely stuck. Sure, the music and production might be spectacular, and I know the actors are doing a fine job. But how can anyone who's seen the original play believe that this is where the characters are headed? I can't.
I completely agree. It makes the ending of the musical far less tragic and beautiful to believe that *this* is where they all end up in a few years. Poor Meg!
Having made the mistake of reading the awful book the sequel is (so I heard) based on, I can't say i'm surprised that the plot reads like a really bad piece of fanfiction.

I'm sure the music is good.